Staying Safe in Cancun

Safe Cancun Travel Tips and Info:

  • Cancun now has a 911 system for tourists but ask the hotel staff about the 911 system when you arrive to be sure your area is covered. Local residents typically dial 066 so keep this number handy too.
  • Check your national government website for any travel warnings or a travel advisory for Cancun or Mexico
  • Bring the contact info for your consulate or embassy in Cancun. You may need it.
  • If you look for trouble you'll find it. Just like in any destination, don't look for prostitutes or drugs and you'll avoid 90% of the trouble in Cancun.
  • Need up to date info about the situation in Mexico? The USA Government has an info line for you to call: 1 888 407 4747 .
  • Check with your doctor about getting a few vaccinations and immunizations before leaving just in case.
  • Remember most deaths in Cancun are from drowning. This means don't get drunk and try to be Michael Phelps or attempt cliff diving in the hotel pool.
  • Some beaches in Cancun have strong undertow and rip currents. Pay attention to the beach warning flags and check with the hotel staff about the Cancun area beach conditions. The danger may not be obvious.
  • Use taxis that are flagged down by the hotel staff. They'll get one for you and the operators are usually well known to the hotel staff.
  • You need a shuttle transfer from the Cancun Airport to your hotel since taxis don't run at the airport. Book ahead and remember that they don't usually have child seats or handicap access vans.
  • El Centro or 'downtown' has a few bad areas so check with your hotel about areas to avoid. If you want to enjoy real Mexican culture get out of the hotel zone but do it safely.
  • Make sure you have good travel insurance.
  • Typical victims of crime in Cancun have experienced thefts from hotel rooms, pick pockets, and minor assaults (usually tourist’s beer muscles at work). Sound familiar? Like any busy tourist place you need to guard your belongings and don't mouth off like you own the place.
  • Swimming pools in and around the hotels in Cancun are very nice and generally safe but the lifeguards may not be properly trained in CPR and the ‘on duty’ signs many times are a decoration only. There are numerous reports of lifeguards serving double duty watching the beach and the pools which can be hundreds of yards/metres apart. Don’t assume anything and take care of your friends and family around the beaches and pool area.
  • The drains in the swimming pools may not be protected properly so keep youngsters away from them because nasty injuries, sometimes fatal, can happen when your get parts stuck in pool drains.
  • Avoid the temptation of going for a walk alone on the beach at 3 am. It may feel like a scene in a romance movie but it's a good way to get assaulted. If you go out at night don't go alone.
  • Safety in numbers! Again, most bad things that happen in Cancun happen when the victim is alone.