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Cancun Weather Temperatures (avg)

Hi Temp Cancun Low Temp Cancun



Feb 82F/28C 65F/18C
Mar 86F/30C 68F/20C
Apr 88F/31C 71F/22C
May 91F/33C 75F/24C
Jun 91F/33C 76F/24C
Jul 93F/34C 76F/24C
Aug 93F/34C 76F/24C
Sep 92F/33C 75F/24C
Oct 88F/31C 73F/23C
Nov 84F/29C 70F/21C
Dec 83F/28C 66F/19C


Geographic factors in Cancun Weather:

Cancun is located the very eastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  The city of Cancun sits on the Caribbean Sea just little more than 100 miles or 160 km from Cuba.  As Cancun is most associated with Mexico and Mexican scenery the truth is that it is jewel among other Caribbean resort destinations.  How does this affect the weather in Cancun? 


The Ocean:  Since the Caribbean Sea has its characteristic northeastern winds that provide gentle yet consistent flow across the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean sea, Cancun is usually treated with light warm breezes that keep the temperatures from reaching uncomfortable levels.  The northwestern Caribbean Sea area also known as the Mexican Caribbean (where Cancun is located) experiences some most attractive temperatures in the zone.

This also makes the Cancun beach water temperatures nearly perfect for people to enjoy.

Ocean currents around Mexico and the effect on Cancun Weather:

Cancun weather is strongly influenced by the ocean currents that persistently flow among the Caribbean Islands and wash the eastern coast of Latin America.  The Humboldt Current or Peru Current is one of the two major currents that most affect Cancun's weather.  This current is actually on the Pacific Coast of South and Latin America but its cold waters have a significant effect on the weather patterns around Cancun.


The other current that really affects Cancun weather is the Gulf Stream.  It's a strong fast flow of warm equatorial Atlantic ocean water pushed by trans-atlantic winds.  The Gulf Stream channels water through the Caribbean islands and in an apparent head on collision with the Resort City of Cancun.  The Gulf Stream creates warm inviting waters around the beaches of Cancun and the current passes through the Gulf, around Florida and North all the way to Europe.  In fact it's effects can be measured in the high Arctic above Russia.

Cancun Weather and Cancun Hurricane Season:

If you read the information above about how the Gulf Stream affects Cancun weather, then you will understand how the very warm waters from this current can supercharge hurricanes.  In fact many hurricanes pickup much of their power when the pass over the Gulf and Caribbean areas because of the water temperatures.  The hurricanes often affect Cancun but in most cases its rain and moderate wind.  Sometimes however, a hurricane will find its way deep into the Yucatan area and cause serious damage to Cancun.  


  • In 1988 a hurricane called 'Gilbert' caused losses of nearly $90 million the months following its arrival.
  • In 2005 a hurricane called 'Wilma' arrived as Category Four (4) storm.  It made landfall very close to Playa del Carmen which is a short drive down the coast from Cancun.  Although the hit was not directly on Cancun a storm this big with winds of nearly 160 mph or 250 km/h devastated Cancun.  Much of the sand on the beaches in the Cancun hotel zone was literally washed away.  Specially designed ships were brought in to relocate almost 100 million cubic feet of sand so the beaches of Cancun could be restored after the hurricane.

How is Cancun Weather different than other parts of Mexico?

Because of the Carribean location, Cancun weather temperatures are very stable throughout the year.  Some parts of Mexico see wild variations in temperature and weather especially in the desert regions.  Cancun is far from desert regions in Mexico.

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